…and That is How Awesome Was Born

Back in 1948, Samuel Goldwyn got a big idea to do a remake of the Gary Cooper flick “Balls of Fire”. He wanted to showcase the top talent of the day, and also wanted to get Danny Kaye out of a funk after Danny left his wife. The result was nothing short of complete MGM/RKO style awesomeness.

What happens when you put the following people all in the same room –

Danny Kaye, Benny Goodman, Louis Armstrong, Lionel Hampton, Charlie Barnet, Tommy Dorsey, Mel Powell, Alton Hendrickson, Louis Bellson, Harry Babasin, Russo & the Samba Kings, and the Golden Gate Quartet…..

…..and throw in a little Virginia Mayo for some eye candy as well?

I am not quite at liberty to say in as few words, but I’ll say this for sure – A Song Is Damn Well Born.


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