Album Review: The Prodigy – The Day Is My Enemy

There are few musical guilty pleasures like a new album from The Prodigy. Sadly The Day Is My Enemy does not offer much more than that.  It’s not a bad album, there’s just nothing new here. On the plus side there’s been no mellowing with age; The Prodigy are still hard as nails 25 years down the line.

Most of the tracks are of the hard edged dance variety that you would expect from this band.  Opening track The Day Is My Enemy sets the tone – it sounds like a chainsaw – and that ferocity pretty much lasts for the duration of the album. No doubt these songs will still go down a storm at the summer festivals.

There are a couple of high points – Rhythm Bomb is gloriously old school and Beyond The Deathray sounds like it would be a brilliant live opener that would have a crowd whipped into a frenzy before the beats kick in. The low point is Nasty, which sounds like a Prodigy parody (yes, even more so than Firestarter or Smack My B**** Up!)

The Prodigy were groundbreaking once, but it’s been a long long time since they could claim that. So the wait for another Music For The Jilted Generation continues – not only one of the best dance albums ever made, but one of the best in any genre. While they may never reach those heights again, hats off to them for sticking with it and never compromising.

Score: 6 suns out of 10


Normally at this point there would be a link to something from the new album, but here’s an oldie instead.

Ferocious or what!

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