The best spot in the arena to watch the U2 U2ie tour is (Denver Night 1 report)…

Just a quick report from the road. U2’s U2ie tour rolled through Denver on June 6 and 7, and while already only 10 shows or so in, the performances are really running smooth and energetic, and by U2 standards fairly loose in the performances from the B-stage.

Having seen three U2ie shows so far from three different locations, I can say that for me at least being on the rail next to the B-stage right in front of where the band exits the “divider” is the best seat in the house if you don’t mind not seeing all of the big screen.

I’ve been to nearly 50 U2 shows over the years, and that spot is the closest proximity I’ve ever seen them from, close enough to have conversations with them during the B-stage sets.  You also see little things that you don’t see from the stands, like in Denver where Bono picked up a book copy of Dante’s Inferno and flipped it open and was reading it as he clambered up into the Divider. I think only the closest 20 people or so to that spot saw that sort of thing.

In terms of the musicianship, Larry (who in a shameless brag I’ll admit I got to meet briefly before the show, the last member of the band I’d never met) seems to be enjoying himself – well, at least by Larry standards – and Adam was his usual bemused, baronial self.

Edge seems to not be particularly enjoying himself and was extremely focused on his playing, and Bono seems looser and more spontaneous than usual.

The band is mixing in new or rarely played songs here and there in the set; from Denver the definite high-point to me was two songs in when they played a vibrant version of “Electric Co.” which I hadn’t heard live from them since the 80s.

Bono is also in excellent vocal form right now, even if he doesn’t seem 100% rehabilitated from the bike accident.  If you have any doubts about his vocals, see the video I “shot” for Every Breaking Wave below…

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