Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness – “Cecilia And The Satellite”


I think one of the greatest things in pop music is when an artist you’ve never heard before makes a song with a chorus so great that it’s immediately your new favorite song. You think you must have known it all your life and you listen to it over and over on repeat until the song burrows its way into your brain like an ear worm.

Andrew McMahon, formerly of Something Corporate and Jack’s Mannequin, did that to me with his new single “Cecilia And The Satellite” written for his infant daughter (that’s them in the video). It’s a very 2014-sounding song with the heavy drums, the soaring refrain and the requisite “whoa-oa” choruses that make you want to start the Zippo Lighter app on your iPhone and hoist it in the air.  The rest of the album is definitely worth a stream as well; it’s full of songs that in a more fair world would be singles on the pop chart.

I had lost track of Andrew McMahon after Something Corporate; good to see him making a comeback.

One comment on “Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness – “Cecilia And The Satellite”

  1. altproposalguy says:

    will it suffer from terminal overplay? very ethereal feel (soaring refrain), yet I can see it eventually being used as background music for a car commercial…


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