Saluting the greatness of Wanda Jackson, the primeval Riot Grrrl


It’s amazing how much musical history from the 20th century has been lost to time. Nearly as amazing is how much has been restored via the ‘Net and YouTube in particular.

If you know me, you know how much of a soft spot I have for women who play guitar. They are my weakness. I partially blame Wanda Jackson. Wanda Jackson is one of the most underrated rock-n-roll musicians of all time.

Dismissively called the female Elvis, Wanda Jackson was the original Riot Grrrl. When Wanda Jackson rolled through your town, the town’s temperature changed. When Wanda Jackson came to town, the oil wells blew, mens’ hats flew off their heads, and mothers covered the eyes of their sons. Wanda Jackson set fire to your town and left only smoldering embers before she left to destroy the next town with her brand of rockabilly/country. Ms. Jackson knows more about life than you have learned in your time on this mortal coil.

I met her when I was a kid. She smelled nice.

One comment on “Saluting the greatness of Wanda Jackson, the primeval Riot Grrrl

  1. […] that will most likely never be witnessed again. One of my colleagues noted in a previous post about Wanda Jackson that nothing is quite as sexy as a woman with a guitar. If Wanda Jackson was sexy, then Mother […]


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