Hello from Kenny

Hello, just a quick note to introduce myself for two reasons – 1. Most people reading this will not know me, 2. To set low expectations for my input to this blog. I’ve never been asked to write anything since I was at school, which is a wee while ago now. I’m honoured to be asked to contribute and I’ll do my very best.

I’m not a writer, never mind a music writer, but I’m a music fan and that’s why I’m here. I’m also not a musician by any stretch of the imagination. So my lack of musical and journalistic talent means you will be reading phrases like ‘great tune’, ‘beautiful lyrics’ and ‘nice voice’. I might occasionally get above myself and use the odd metaphor, for example ‘thundering drums’ or ‘bagpipe guitars’.

I listen to lots of local artists, so expect to read about what’s happening on the Scottish music scene; but I’ll try to keep it international as much as I can.

I hope people will enjoy what I write, but more importantly I hope it makes them appreciate and support new (and old) music and musicians, because it’s a very difficult way of making a living these days and most of them probably need all the support they can get.

My first ‘thing’ will be coming soon – watch this space and prepare to be underwhelmed!

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